12 Steps to Your Vision

An Expanded Vision Writing Exercise Using the 12 Steps From The Big Book of AA
Write a goal, vision or mission that you desire to have. * OR * Name a circumstance or situation that you desire to stop. Consider what you have written and ask yourself the following questions:
Step 1

What are you powerless over? What are you trying to do, using will-power, that is not working? What are you trying to manage that is unmanageable? Are you trying to manage or control or force something with will power, over and over, but it never works? What insanity do you see in your efforts?

Step 2

Do you believe your solution can be spiritual? Do you believe that HP is bigger than all of your problems or struggles?

If yes, go to next step.

If no, re-read AA big book p44-57 and write about the role spirituality might play in terms of your vision.

Step 3

Have you decided to let God have your problems, blocks, self will, thoughts, decisions, and actions?

If yes, pray 3rd step prayer and go to next step.

If no, reread AA big book p58-63 and write about that decision in terms of your vision.

Step 4

Looking at what blocks your vision, re-read p65, about what blocks us.

What “re-sends” or ruminations, obsessive thoughts, angry thoughts or resentments do you have regarding your vision?

If none, go to ‘fears.’

If you have some, re-read resentments in the AA big book p63-67 and write and pray the “Ask God’s” as directed at top of p67.

What fears, concerns or negative thoughts do you have regarding your vision?

If none, go to sex or “Harms” conduct.

If yes, write your fears and pray the “Ask God'” according to p68:3.

What Guilt, Shame or supposed “Harm” thoughts do you have in connection with your vision?

If none, go to step 5.

If yes, write the harms inventory and pray according to the “Ask God’s”  AA Big Book p 69:2,3 – 70:2.

Have you looked at all of your blocks and taken them to God?

If answer is yes, go to the next step.

If answer is no, write about what is blocking you and pray to be shown what would be genuinely helpful. Pray the applicable 3rd and 4th step prayers.

Step 5

Have you looked at your BLOCKS to spirit, inspiration and intuition? Have you given these to God in prayer? Reviewed them yourself by reviewing your writing so far? Shared them with another human being?

If answer is yes, go to next step.

If answer is no, pray do this review and find an understanding human being with whom to take step 5 according to p72-76.

Step 6

Are you entirely ready to let God remove what ever has been blocking you? If you find you’re not ready, have you looked at the pay-offs to staying stuck? Written about them? Prayed for willingness?

If answer is yes, go to next step.

If answer is no, pray according to top of p76.

Step 7

Have you prayed the 7th step Prayer?

If answer is yes, go to next step.

If answer is no, pray this prayer according to p 76:2.

Step 8

Have you made a list of ways to “Mend” your thoughts, decisions and actions in relation your vision? Have prayed to go to any lengths & began a written game plan to accomplish that vision which has been out of reach.

If answer is yes, go to next step.

If answer is no, begin to write a plan, pray & envision the future…in small do-able increments that you can do regularly.

Step 9

Are you taking action in ways that genuinely move you towards your vision? Do you plan your work and work your plan? Do you regularly pray for the willingness, strength and courage to follow through? Are you overly grandiose? Too perfectionistic? Too small minded? Do you over-react to setbacks? As you uncover blocks, do you pray the amends prayers p77-84?

Step 10

Do you continue answering steps 4-9 on a regular basis? Keep re-reading AA Big Book p64-84? When you discover you are headed in the wrong direction, do you admit it promptly and make corrections or amends? Do you regularly pray for forgiveness, willingness and strength?

Step 11

Do you have regular daily appointment prayer and meditation time? Do you regularly ask God for inspiration and intuition and to direct your thinking?

If not, re-read and pray the prayers on p86-88. Consider beginning morning meditation with a one minute appointment.

Step 12

Do you stay spiritually awake by means of meditation, prayer and living the steps to solve your problems? Are you of service? Do you try your best to look for ways to make a contribution? To carry this message? Do you try your best to live by theses principles 24/7? Do you keep your attention, mental, emotional and spiritual, directed towards your goals, dreams, desires and visions? Do you act upon HP’s Guidance?

If not, what are you blocks or areas of powerlessness? Keep revisiting steps 1-12, continue reviewing your visions and refining your goals as you move more in the direction of your vision.

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