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We are fortunate to have many resources to work with as we strive to recover from the problems created by our compulsive debting. We have created separate pages for some of those resources, and links to them follow.

The Twelve Steps of Debtors Anonymous

The Twelve Traditions of Debtors Anonymous

The Tools Of Debtors Anonymous


The Promises of Debtors Anonymous

Information for someone considering attending a Debtors Anonymous meeting

Other Resources:

Here are some links to other websites, and inclusion of these links is intended to be a convenience for those who visit our site. Such inclusion does not constitute any endorsement by, approval of, or affiliation with either the Dallas Debtors Anonymous group or the
Debtors Anonymous General Service Office.

DA meetings in Houston, TX:

DA meetings in Austin, TX:

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services

Dallas AA Central Office (a great place to buy Alcoholics Anonymous literature locally, and you can place orders over the website)

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